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We can handle all your gutter related needs in and around Lexington, KY

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Seamless Gutters and Repairs

Seamless gutters formed on site for a custom fit to your home.

Gutter Covers

Top of the line stainless steel mesh screen gutter guards with a 40 year warranty.

Service and Support

Comprehensive customer service and support before, during, and after install.


High Quality Local Materials

We choose suppliers who provide high quality materials we can count on.


Certified and Trained Installers

Wildcat Gutters takes pride in the work our installers do because we thoroughly vet and train the people who do our work!


Guaranteed Workmanship

When you hire Wildcat Gutters, you can both workmanship warranties as well as material warranties. We stand behind our commitments to our customers.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Here at Wildcat Gutters our focus is on helping our customers solve their gutter problems. We will not turn down your job due to size. We have install crews ranging from one installer to five, and will make sure that our installers are equipped to complete your project.

We understand that if we focus on doing good work and satisfying our customers that we will do well as a company. Rest assured that we have your best interests in mind as we work to resolve your gutter situation.

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