Are you looking for a reliable home improvement company to repair and replace your fascia board? If you live in Lexington, Kentucky or the surrounding area, look no further than Wildcat Gutters. Our team of experts will provide you with the highest quality of service and materials when it comes to fascia board repair and replacement.

Fascia boards, also known as fascia or fascia and soffit, are an important part of any home’s gutter system. They are the boards that are installed along the roofline and are used to support the gutters. Over time, these boards can become damaged due to weather, age, or improper installation. If not addressed, the damage can lead to water damage and other issues.

That’s why at Wildcat Gutters, we take fascia board repair and replacement seriously. Our team of professionals is experienced in both repair and replacement and will ensure that your home’s gutter system is in top condition. We only use the highest quality materials, so you can be sure that your fascia boards will last for years to come.

In addition to fascia board repair and replacement, we also offer gutter installation services. Our seamless gutters are designed to provide maximum protection from the elements, and they’re available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your home’s individual style. We also provide maintenance services to help keep your gutters working properly and prevent future damage.

If you think that your home might need a fascia board repair or replacement, don’t wait. Contact the experts at Wildcat Gutters today for a free estimate. We’ll inspect your home’s gutter system and determine the best course of action to repair any existing damage or replace any rotting fascia boards. Get your home improvement project done right with Wildcat Gutters.